Hello, I'm Bob. I Design Experiences.

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I'm a Strategist, Architect & Digital Stylist.

That's a trendy way of saying I'm a Creative and user experience leader.
But I bring more to the table than whitespace and wireframes.

In the year 2000, I started my professional journey as a Web designer for a technology start-up. The lean nature of our team required me to get hands-on with the other business functions, and my natural curiosity drove me to ask questions about everything. This exposure provided me with insights far beyond simply designing a website or product interface.

Fast-forward to the year 2013: A lot has changed in the digital world, but change is a good thing. I'm now a Director of Design and UX, and over those 13 years I've also gained experience with content strategy, branding, digital marketing, Web technologies, research and analytics. Now, I leverage all of my learnings to connect the dots between business goals, brand strategy, product requirements and engineering capabilities to design end-to-end customer experiences with greater depth, and success, than most.

Specifically, I can lead the vision, creative design and execution of websites and products that will reinforce their brand and serve their business. Whether the goal is to support traditional marketing efforts or requires a laser-focus on engaging and converting visitors, I know how to design tailored experiences for targeted audiences. I also have considerable experience optimizing existing websites and products by carefully analyzing engagement metrics and a/b testing alternative design ideas.

Finally, I'm a team player and that's important because design is a team sport. I make sure all stakeholders are tightly aligned, so the goals of each function are clearly defined and carefully considered. The result is a vision that will ensure the collective output is an eye-catching, choreographed and successful experience... for everybody.

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